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Definition a supposed inhabitant of the planet Venus; also, the language spoken by such a being
OED requirements antedating 1874
Earliest cite A. Blair 'Annals 29th Century'
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a cite from an undated reprint of Lewis Padgett's "The Iron Standard"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1943 first appearance.

We would like cites from before 1943 for the sense "language of the Venusians" only; for the sense "a supposed inhabitant of Venus" we would like to antedate 1874.

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Citations for Venusian n.

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1943 ‘L. Padgett’ Iron Standard in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Dec. 78/2 All the Earthmen had learned Venusian quickly; they were good linguists, having been chosen for this as well as other transplanetary virtues.
1970 A. McCaffrey Ship who Sang (1991) i. 6 She had?enjoyed a music appreciation course that had included?the curious rhythmic progressions of the Venusians, Capellan visual chromatics, the sonic concerti of the Altairians and Reticulan croons.
1976 C. Holland Floating Worlds (1977) 275 The Venusian's hearty voice boomed.
1995 Interzone Aug. 19/2 The belief that the Venusians are coming to save us from ourselves is simply an expression of people's deep-rooted worries.