Full record for nullgrav adj.

OED requirements antedating 1957
Earliest cite John Victor Peterson, 'The Gently Orbiting Blonde'
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 2003 cite from Theodore Stugeon's 1957 "The Pod in the Barrier".
Katrina Campbell submitted a cite for the form "nulgrav" from a 1981 reprint of E. C. Tubb's 1967 "The Winds of Gath"; Mike Christie verified it in a 1976 reprint.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1957 cite from John Victor Peterson's "The Gently Orbiting Blonde".
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Citations for nullgrav adj.

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1985 M. W. Bonanno Dwellers in Crucible i.10 Jim Kirk announced to all and sundry lounging around the null-grav pool during their offshift.
1996 D. Carey Invasion! vi. 81 I've got him mounted on a null-grav pad.