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Definition pertaining to shapeshifting
OED requirements antedating 1895
Earliest cite A. Nutt in Kuno Meyer Voy. Bran I.
Last modified 31 July, 2019

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1992 Waldenbooks Hailing Frequencies 15/2 Sea serpents, shape-shifting wolfpacks, and some unseen menace that swallows cattle whole are menacing the countryside.
1993 Sci. Fiction Stud. Nov. 404 These nomadic, shapeshifting, triply-sexed, polymorphously perverse, pleasure-seeking, medusoid, extraterrestrial genetic engineers.
1994 I. McDonald Necroville (1995) 13 The halls and landings of his shapeshifting hacienda were occupied by the monochrome likenesses of the brief and bright.
1994 Sci Fi Entertainment Aug. 62/3 The Bradbury story concerns a group of shape-shifting aliens.
1995 Interzone Feb. 39/2 The shapeshifting abilities our ancestors had were associated with considerable powers of self-repair and immunity to most diseases, but?how well do you understand the mechanisms of evolution?
2001 Locus June 69/2 In the end, unexpectedly aided by the shapeshifting creature, Brender outwits the aliens.