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Definition a hypothetical particle that mediates gravity, analogous to the photon for electromagnetism
OED requirements antedating 1941
Earliest cite Ross Rocklynne, Time Wants A Skeleton
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from Ross Rocklynne's "Time Wants A Skeleton".

Earliest cite in the OED: 1942.

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1941 R. Rocklynne Time wants Skeleton in Astounding Sci. Fiction June 16/2 A Wittenberg disrupter tears atoms apart. The free electrons are shunted off into accumulators, where we get power for lighting, cooking, heating and so forth. The protons go into the proton analyzer, where the gravitons are ripped out of them and stored in a special type of spherical field. When we want to move the ship, the gravitons are released. They spread through the ship and everything in the ship. The natural place for a graviton is a proton. The gravitons rush for the protons–which are already saturated with 1846 gravitons. Gravitons are unable to remain free in three-dimensional space. They escape along the time line, into the past.
1942 R. Rocklynne Jackdaw in Astounding Sci. Fiction Aug. 62/1 My luck with a command netted a few puzzles–the peculiar relationships of gravitons to chronons for one, which, of course, was cracked, but only after a thousand years of concerted effort from the entire Third Level Corps.
1990 L. Niven Madness Has Its Place in L. Niven et al. Man-Kzin Wars III (1992) i. 15 A lot of those photos show what's maybe a graviton generator, maybe not.
1990 F. Pohl World at End of Time (1993) 48 For lesser tasks he had the whole spectrum of photons at his disposal, too–radio, heat, visible light, gamma rays, X-rays, even gravitons.
1993 D. Carey Great Starship Race xi. 166 There's a pocket of gravitons caught in the flow of that cloud, sir.
1998 W. Shatner et al. Spectre iii. 42 On the screen, three violet beams of focused gravitons reached out to the stricken starship.
1999 M. J. Friedman My Brother's Keeper iii. xviii. 169 Kirk pressed the stud on the jury-rigged graviton projector.