Full record for spacewards adj.

Definition towards space; away from the local planet
OED requirements antedating 1941
Earliest cite C. Simak 'Masquerade'
Comment Also 'spaceward'.

Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from Clifford Simak's "Masquerade".
Mike Christie submitted a 1942 cite from Will Stewart's "Minus Sign".
Douglas Winston submitted a 1998 cite from Diane Duane's "Starrise at Corrivale".
Ralf Brown located, and Douglas Winston and Lawrence Watt-Evans independently submitted, a cite from a reprint of Robert Silverberg's "Tower of Glass"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1970 first magazine appearance.
Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 2000 reprint of Ann McCaffrey & Mercedes Lackey's 1992 "The Ship wWho Searched".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1962 cite from J.G.Ballard's "Thirteen to Centaurus".

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Citations for spacewards adj.

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1949 ‘R. Lafayette’ Plague in Astounding Sci. Fiction Apr. 8/1 At 11:67 [sic] the Star of Space lifted from her cradle, hovered and then slowly rose spacewards, doomed.
1988 A. C. Clarke 2061: Odyssey Three 155 Most of the passengers, accustomed to climbing spacewards with no visible means of support, reacted with considerable shock.