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Definition A tan caused by being in space, exposed to the light of suns unfiltered by planetary atmospheres
OED requirements antedating 1942
Earliest cite Will Stewart (Jack Williamson), 'Collision Orbit'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1984 cite from a reprint of Andre Norton's 1970 "Dread Companion".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from Hudson Hastings' "The Big Night".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1956 cite from Calvin Knox's "Look Homeward, Spaceman".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1963 cite from L.J. Stecher's "When You Giffle".
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from an undated reprint of Harry Walton's "Schedule"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1945 first appearance.
Mike Christie submitted a 1942 cite from Will Stewart's "Collision Orbit".
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Citations for space tan n.

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1945 Astounding Sci.-Fiction June 65/1 Under his space tan the blood seemed to recede from Matthews' face.
1947 ‘H. Hastings’ Big Night in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 40/2 The skin of his wrinkled face was nearly black with space-tan.
1956 Amazing Stories Aug. 64/2 It was a younger version of himself at the door, with narrower shoulders, a paler face (Paul was proud of his heavy space-tan).
1963 L. J. Stecher When You Giffle in Worlds of Tomorrow Dec. 105/2 In spite of the space tan, I could see him blush.
1970 ‘A. Norton’ Dread Companion (1984) 140 The skin of his hands and face was very dark, the space tan of a starfarer, but on the less exposed parts of his body it was ivory-white.