Full record for zero-g n.

Definition = zero gravity
OED requirements antedating 1952
Earliest cite 1952 A. C. Clarke 'Islands in the Sky'
Last modified 30 July, 2019

Citations for zero-g n.

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1980 G. K. O'Neill Space Stud. Institute in O. Davis Omni Bk. of Space 49 Yes, but can he roll a taco in zero-g?
1981 V. N. McIntyre Entropy Effect i. 43 At the crystal growth station in the zero-g section of Aleph Prime.
1982 B. Rowes Housewives in Space in O. Davis Omni Bk. of Space 322 A $3 million, unisexual, zero-g toilet that accommodates the male and female anatomy.
1996 SFX May 16/3 Making Apollo 13 was an unusual experience for Bill, involving not only zero-G filming but also the chance to meet the character he was playing, Fred Haise.
1998 L. A. Graf & M. J. Friedman War Dragons xv. 220 It was like zero-G, with no concept of up and down.