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Definition a thin, tightly-fitting spacesuit or clothing convertible to a spacesuit)
OED requirements antedating 1957
Earliest cite Forrest J Ackerman in Imaginative Tales
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1957 cite from Forrest J Ackerman in Imaginative Tales.

Added to the OED in September 2009 with a more general, non-SF definition, and a first date of 1956. First SF cite there is from John Varley's "Millennium (1983)

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1957 F. J. Ackerman Scientifilm Marquee in Imaginative Tales July 122/2 A sci-fi fan, teenage variety, will be portrayed on the screen in American-International's filmization of ‘The Cosmic Frame’ by Paul W. Fairman. This is the second scientifilm sale for Fairman, whose ‘Deadly City’ was filmed as Target–Earth! A Hitchcock-type suspense melodrama will be developed from ‘The Cosmic Frame’, to be released under the marquee title of Attack of the Saucer Men. As Saucerians are small, and green, there is some possibility of Tam Otteson's Newyorcon hit tune, ‘The Little Green Men’ being incorporated into the film. Sam Merwin, Jr., has submitted a cinemadaptation of the story. The beanie-aged egghead in the script will be known as J. Forester Eckman (courtesy of his creators, Bob Silverberg & Randy Garrett), and any resemblance he may bear to the columnist behind Scientifilm Marquee, living or dead or zombic, will be less than coincidental. Sci-fi artist Paul Blaisdell, who incidentally can be seen as himself in The Undead (he's the corpse in the coffin), will create the skinsuits for the Saucerians.
1983 J. Varley Millennium ii. 17 I'd been feeling like I'd shrunk inside my skinsuit.
1987 N. Spinrad Little Heroes (1989) 40 Somehow Mucho Muchacho had emerged from the screen to don his body like a skinsuit, for it was Paco Monaco, Mucho Muchacho, who found the song pouring forth from his lips.
1990 G. Bear Heads 30 Gloves removed but skinsuit still on, she gave me a quick hug.
1992 A. Steele Labyrinth of Night 38 They now followed Jessup, all three clad in the lightweight Mylar skinsuits which had recently replaced the more cumbersome hardsuits of the first expeditions. The white fabric overgarments of their skinsuits were soiled with red dust, and every few seconds, short steamy-cold plumes of vapor vented from their backpacks: waste carbon-monoxide, expelled from the open-loop life-support systems which extracted oxygen from the native carbon-dioxide and fed into the skinsuits' zero-prebreath environment.