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Definition an inhabitant of Mercury
OED requirements antedating 1868
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from Will F. Jenkins' (aka Murray Leinster) "From Beyond the Stars",
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1941 Super Science Stories Nov. What had the Mercurian said? Vane tried to remember.
1946 W. F. Jenkins From Beyond Stars in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 88/1 I said, ‘You old Mercurian! You old Plutonian! You want to blow up Earth!’
1996 K. S. Robinson Blue Mars 395 Meetings between the Martian delegation and the Mercurians had been going on in Terminator for weeks, and Zo was tired of them, both the meetings and the Mercurial negotiators, a secretive self-important group of oligarchic mullahs haughty and fawning at the same time, who had not yet comprehended the new order of things in the solar system.