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Definition pertaining to the planet Pluto
OED requirements antedating 1931
Earliest cite S. H. Coblentz 'Into Plutonian Depths'
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1950 reprint of Leslie F. Stone's 1934 "The Rape of the Solar System". Jeff Prucher suggested, and Alistair Durie submitted cites from Stanton H. Coblentz's 1931 "Into Plutonian Depths" Fred Galvin submitted a 1958 cite from William F. Temple's "The Undiscovered Country". We would like to see cites of any date from other authors.

(Note that Pluto was discovered and named in 1930)

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Citations for Plutonian adj.

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1931 S. H. Coblentz Into Plutonian Depths in Wonder Stories Q. Spring 311/1 In a fraction of a second I knew that this surprising shape, whom my mad fancy had mistaken for some Plutonian native, was none other than Stark!
1941 Cosmic Stories Mar. It fell farther, crossed Neptune's face and began to increase in size. Its downward movement slowed as it swept about in circles and leveled over the Plutonian landscape a few miles away.
1950 ‘L. F. Stone’ Rape of Solar System in Flight Into Space 239 At first, during the long journey back to earth, I tried to study the Plutonian glossary with Cart, but it was hard sledding, and, as I have said, I am not a student.
1950 ‘L. F. Stone’ Rape of Solar System in Flight Into Space 244 A Plutonian moon was bombarded suddenly by projectiles, great steel clad shells several hundred feet long.
1950 ‘L. F. Stone’ Rape of Solar System in Flight Into Space 244 Whether the Martians planned it so, whether it was an outright act of either the Plutonian or the Martian commanders, none can say, but, as it was to prove, neither expedition gained their objective.
1958 W. F. Temple Undiscovered Country in Nebula Sci. Fiction Oct. 56 I've got an eye for that sort of thing, even at forty paces on a dark Plutonian night.
1985 R. Silverberg Sunrise on Pluto in Coll. Stories (1993)I. 326 Our instruments, during the long Plutonian night, have been recording apparent indications that living creatures, Plutonian life-forms, are moving about out there.
2000 A. Reynolds Revelation Space xix. 302 Then came two smaller sub-Jovian gas worlds, hardly giants at all, then a Plutonian world–not much more than a captured cometary husk, with two attendant moons.