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Definition pertaining to a time or setting after the collapse of civilization
OED requirements antedating 1970
Earliest cite in the Washington Post Book World
Comment Patrick Broadhurst submitted a 1978 cite from Alan Frank's "Sci-Fi Now". Jeff Prucher submitted a 1981 cite from Barry Malzberg in SF Review. Irene Grumman submitted a 1979 cite from "A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction" by Baird Searles (et al). Jeff Prucher submitted a 1976 cite from a review by Tom Hutchinson in The (London) Times. Bill Mullins submitted a 1970 cite from a review by James R. Frakes in the Washington Post Book World.

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Citations for post-apocalypse adj.

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1970 J. R. Frakes Novels in Washington Post Bk. World Oct. 18 2/3 The time is post-apocalypse; the setting, the flats west of the city, a kind of terminal chessboard where every space must be staked out.
1976 T. Hutchinson Science Fiction in Times 5 Feb. 11/4 Grimly visionary story on the usual post-apocalypse theme, with magic having superseded science as the basis of the last remaining State, and a lone stranger battling it out with malign forces.
1979 B. Searles et al. Reader's Guide to Sci. Fiction 40 ‘The Prince in Waiting’ series concerns a post-apocalypse future where the culture has returned to the medieval, but in a Heinleinesque touch, the religion of the state masks a new return to technology in a society where machines are officially taboo.