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Definition a Japanese animated film or television programme, drawn in a meticulously detailed style, usually featuring characters with distinctive large, staring eyes, and typically having a science-fiction or fantasy theme, sometimes including violent or sexually explicit material; this genre of entertainment
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1994 Sci Fi Entertainment Aug. 8/2 A great many other anime fans, would have preferred a more detailed piece on the specific films featured in the Channel's anime fest to the ‘once over lightly’ introduction as presented.
1995 Sci Fi Entertainment Feb. 14/1 (advt.) Where can you get all of this great anime and not stand in any lines?
1996 SFX May 21/1 I'd always enjoyed all that stuff, and I'd seen a lot of anime and reprint manga on the continent, so I was well acquainted with Japanese pop culture.
2000 Interzone Oct. 31/2 It sets out to forge a distinctively American dialect of anime, harnessing the Japanese genre's visual style and narrative grandeur to an idiolectic cluster of native Hollywood themes; and even where it fails utterly, as it largely does, it exposes fascinating faultlines between cultures and genres.