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Definition alternate history
OED requirements antedating 1986
Earliest cite Gordon B. Chamberlain, 'Allohistory in Science Fiction'
Comment Irene Grumman submitted a 2004 cite from Paul Di Filippo in Asimov's.
Irene Grumman submitted a 1995 cite from Paul Di Filippo in Asimov's.
Irene Grumman submitted a 1987 cite from John J. Pierce's "Great Themes of Science Fiction"; this cite references an 1875 book by Charles Renouvier titled "Uchronia". Robert Schmunk (webmaster of Uchronia.net) commented that the book by Renouvier was in fact titled "Uchronie (l'utopie dans l'histoire)", and was a revision of an earlier article from 1857 of unknown title.

Robert Schmunk submitted a 1986 cite from Gordon B. Chamberlain's "Afterword: Allohistory in Science Fiction", from the anthology "Alternative Histories: Eleven Stories of the World as It Might Have Been" (eds. Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg). He noted a reference in this article to an article that may contain earlier cites: Hacker, Barton C., and Gordon B. Chamberlain. "Pasts that Might Have Been", published in Extrapolation Winter 1981.
Robert Schmunk submitted a 1987 cite from the title of Paul J. Alkon's article "From Utopia to Uchronia: L'An 2440 and Napoléon Apocryphe".

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1987 J. J. Pierce Great Themes Sci. Fiction ix. 183 Uchronia (1875), in which Charles Renouvier has an alternate Roman Empire suppress Christianity so that the West comes to be a stoic rationalistic culture, gave its name to a whole school of parallel worlds sf that developed in France.
1991 Locus May 5/2 [BS] It's like ‘utopia’ means ‘no place’, and ‘uchronia’ means ‘no time’?.[WG] There're relatively few memorable uchronias.
1995 P. Di Filippo On Books in Asimov's Sci. Fiction Oct. 173/2 Vonarburg's prose is sensual and measured, richly descriptive, especially in such domestic scenes as the death of Catherine's father. One of the attractions of uchronias is how they can present attractive worlds that are at once familiar and exotic, and Vonarburg's thick depiction makes her unique Canada seem like an alluring alternative to our world–at least until it begins to fray.
1998 Interzone Mar. 54/1 Alternate histories–uchronias, if you prefer–having exfoliated perhaps overlushly, are currently experiencing a bit of a critical backlash, akin to the downdressing cyberpunk underwent once it got allegedly too big for its britches.
2004 P. Di Filippo On Books in Asimov′s Sci. Fiction July 133/1 From small acorns, mighty oaks grow. With the original motivation of writing a ‘Communist ghost story,’ Howard Waldrop has produced one of his patented alternate histories, a uchronia of surpassing strangeness. A Better World's in Birth! (Golden Gryphon, trade paper, $15.95, 51 pages, ISBN unavailable.) The year is 1876, and all of Europe has experienced two decades of socialist rule. But the worker's paradise is about to come undone, thanks to the ghostly apparitions of Karl Marx and other founders of the state.