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Definition from, or characteristic of, a time before spaceflight
OED requirements any evidence 1972
Earliest cite George Zebrowski, 'The Omega Point'
Comment Ralf Brown located and Fred Galvin submitted a 1972 cite from George Zebrowski's "The Omega Point".
Douglas Winston submitted a 1993 cite from "Starpilot's Grave" by Debra Doyle and James D.Macdonald.
Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 2006 reprint of Timothy Zahn's 2005 "Night Train to Rigel".
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1972 G. Zebrowski Omega Point 16 He is fond of citing vast amounts of earth history, mostly pre-spaceflight and solar system bound, to support his views which have gained some influence in recent years.
2005 T. Zahn Night Train to Rigel (2006) 302 But as I say, all peoples were beaten back to pre-space-flight levels, some to even preindustrial levels. So matters remained for three hundred years. The Thread still existed, but no one had the capability to reach it. Indeed, for most peoples even the rumor of its existence was lost?. Then, by chance, the Chahwyn discovered a cache of Shonkla-raa technology that had been hidden before war's end. With it we were able to reach again into space; and with access to the Thread, we gained the stars.