Full record for gafiation n.

Definition the state of having gafiated
OED requirements antedating 1959
Earliest cite R. Eney 'Fancyclopedia II'
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted a 1984 cite from David Hartwell's "Age of Wonder". Jeff Prucher submitted a 1975 cite from James Gunn's "Alternate Worlds", which quoted Harry Warner, Jr.'s book "All Our Yesterdays"; Fred Galvin submitted cites from the 1969 publication of "All Our Yesterdays". Fred Galvin submitted cites from the 1959 "Fancyclopedia II" by Dick Eney. Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1977 cite from a column by Susan Wood, 'Propellor Beanie'

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Citations for gafiation n.

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1959 D. Eney Fancyclopedia II 61 It was alleged that it folded with the gafiation of Keasler, Vick, and Leeh (especially) and the corresponding lapse of their fanzines.
1969 H. Warner All our Yesterdays 25 The average age of fans probably advanced with the progress of the decade, because many fans remained active right through it, to counterbalance the rejuvenation created by the gafiation of older fans and the appearance of neofans.
1975 J. Gunn Alternate Worlds 182 DegafiateĀ–To resume fanac after gafiation.
1977 S. Wood Propellor Beanie in Algol Spring 43/1 Trufen reprint Walt Willis columns; superfan Hughes recently printed a new Willis column presenting the Irish Legend's return to fandom, at the 1976 Eastercon, after an 11-year gafiation.
1982 D. Hartwell The Golden Age of Science Fiction is Twelve in Top of News (1982, issue number unknown) 163 It is possible to return to fandom after an extended period of gafiation; but of course many gafiates are never heard from again.