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1992 Sci. Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Bulletin Spring 43/2 He's also seeking?articles about topics of interest to sf readers, such as space flight, bioengineering, and nanotech.
1993 D. Beason & K. J. Anderson Assemblers of Infinity x.101 Others scrambled for ways to invest in nanotech research.
1993 D. Beason & K. J. Anderson Assemblers of Infinity iii. 34 The air pressure increased by twenty percent through each of the doors to eliminate any chance of nanotech migration.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 267 There hasn't been anything this revolutionary since nanotech–and that will pale by comparison.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 415 Bioform nanotech, designed to survive on Mars and be deadly.
1993 P. Anderson Harvest of Stars (1994) 442 We can't continue sending our robots and our nanotech molecules scurrying around to find out whatever's going wrong and repair the damage.
1993 W. Gibson Virtual Light 19 She'd just laughed and said German nanotech could take care of all of that.
1993 Locus June 17/1 His wife?underwent an experiment using nanotech to activate fragments of ancient genes left in human DNA, like files on a computer hard drive which are deleted only by having their pointers removed.
1994 B. Hambly Crossroad vii.104 The Consilium pioneered the entire technology of psychoactive neural enhancement through nanotech wiring.
1994 Interzone July 23/1 The nanotech makes sure he doesn't die–the micro-machines photosynthesize for him–but water can be a problem
1994 Interzone Apr. 61/1—2 Tristan and Suze, lovers who have linked themselves by semi-sentient nanotech hair so that they need never to be more than six feet apart, are an especially fine touch.
2005 C. Stross Accelerando iv. 153 The degenerate cores of the traditional stock markets are in free fall, the old smokestack microprocessor and biotech/nanotech industries crumbling before the onslaught of matter replicators and self-modifying ideas.