Full record for fuggheadedness n.

Definition the quality of being stupid or incompetent
OED requirements antedating 1950
Earliest cite in 'Spacewarp #42'
Comment A bowdlerization of 'fuckheadedness'.

Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1962 reprint of Robert Bloch's "I'll Fry Tomorrow". We would be interested in verification in its original publication (Science Fiction Five-Yearly #1, November-December, 1956). Fred Galvin submitted cites from the 1959 "Fancyclopedia II" by Dick Eney. Fred Galvin submitted a cite from PROFANITY #7 (February 1960), which quoted F. Towner Laney writing in FANDANGO 23 (1949); we would be interested in verification from the original publication. Fred Galvin submitted a 1969 cite from Harry Warner's "All Our Yesterdays". Bill Mullins submitted a September 1950 cite from the fanzine "Spacewarp" #42.

We would like cites of any date from other sources.

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Citations for fuggheadedness n.

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1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 54 The Second or Little Exclusion Act, so called, was a piffling affair at the NYCon II when the con committee briefly refused to allow any attendees who had not paid for the banquet ($buck.7) to listen to the dinner speakers from the balcony overlooking the hall. But this was resented rather as fuggheadedness than malice.
1960 Profanity Feb. 21 Boggs thinks the convention should rotate around the country, have an ‘orderly progression westward’, so that people from all localities can attend from time to time. I, as a staunch Californian, wish to urge that the convention ALWAYS be held on the East Coast. We have enough indigenous fuggheadedness out here without importing more of it.
1962 R. Bloch I'll Fry Tomorrow 52 Our weekly meetings are held in a little hall downtown, and every member is required to attend. Generally, we devote a certain amount of time to discussing each other's past fuggheadedness, and give testimony of our thanks at escaping from the clutches of organized fandom. Sometimes we have a little program with speakers, and we often invite fuggheads from other parts of the country to be our guests. You see, we have a great number of correspondents here and abroad, and many of us now print up little Fuggheads Anonymous magazines for general distribution. Our membership is limited to seventy-five at the present time, but we have about forty-two on our waiting list. Perhaps next year we'll hold a sort of get-together or convention. So, you see, I have found it easy to forget fandom. Fuggheads Anonymous has given me a new outlook.