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Earliest cite Gordon B. Chamberlain, 'Allohistory in Science Fiction'
Comment Irene Grumman submitted a 1995 cite from Paul Di Filippo in Asimov's. Irene Grumman submitted a 1987 cite from John J. Pierce's "Great Themes of Science Fiction". Robert Schmunk submitted a 1986 cite from Gordon B. Chamberlain's "Afterword: Allohistory in Science Fiction", from the anthologyy "Alternative Histories: Eleven Stories of the World as It Might Have Been" (eds. Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg), He suggested a reference in this article to an article that may contain earlier cites: Hacker, Barton C., and Gordon B. Chamberlain. "Pasts that Might Have Been", published in Extrapolation Winter 1981.

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1987 J. J. Pierce Great Themes Sci. Fiction ix. 183 Uchronian sf thus developed independently of the tradition of time travel and time paradoxes in Anglo-American sf; indeed, the first important work on the time travel-theme is found in Rene Barjavel's Future Times Three (1943), in which the paradox of a man's killing his ancestor is developed rather laboriously.