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Definition of or pertaining to a multiverse
OED requirements antedating 1999
Earliest cite T. Yulsman in Astronomy
Comment Irene Grumman submitted a 1996 cite from a book review by Thomas Easton of "Panda Ray," by Michael Kandel.
Ralf Brown located cites in etexts, from chapter 20 of W.T. Quick's "Singularities" (1990), and in the Books column in Asimov's magazine, December 2002: we would like to see cites from paper copies of these. Bill Mullins submitted a 1999 cite from a book review by Christine C. Menefee of Diana Wynne Jones' "Deep Secret". Bill Mullins submitted a cite from an article "Give peas a chance" by Tom Yulsman, in the September 1999 issue of Astronomy.

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Citations for multiversal adj.

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1963 M. Moorcock in Sci. Fiction Adventures May 6 The Originators, creators of the multiversal seeding ground for their successors.
1996 T. Easton Reference Library in Analog Sci. Fiction Fact Dec. 147/1 Seeking help, Christopher flees to Gramps, who once more takes him out upon the five multiversal seas of Is, Was, Will Be, If, and Isn't with Mother in pursuit, hell-bent on either scooping or killing her son.
1999 School Libr. Jrnl. Oct. 178 A romp through ‘the Multiverse,’ where reality, symbolized by the infinity symbol, contains numerous worlds ranging from ‘ayewards’ to ‘naywards’ and back again. The Multiversal balance between positive and negative forces is maintained by a small and unchanging number of Magids, powerful magicians able to cross the boundaries of worlds at will; still, though possessed of extraordinary talents, Magids are ‘only human.’
1999 Astronomy Sept. 42 Our universe would then be but one component of the multiverse, which has been growing through a series of Big Bangs for much longer than our little region of the multiversal whole. And it will continue to grow eternally.
2007 I. McDonald Brasyl 115 Her thesis was that all mind is a multiversal quantum computer and therefore a fundamental element of reality, and also linked across universes by quantum entanglement.