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Definition the study of the planet Mars (analogous to geology for the Earth)
OED requirements antedating 1868
Earliest cite "The Planet of War", in Littell's Living Age
Comment Bill Mullins submitted an 1868 cite from an anonymous article "The Planet of War" in the magazine "Littell's Living Age", October 3, 1868, apparently reprinted from an earlier publication in Cornhill Magazine.

Earliest cite in the OED database: 1881

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1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars (1993) 221 Another part of the mystery: no one had ever explained why the northern and southern hemispheres were so different, it was the problem in areology, a solution to which might prove the key to explaining all the other enigmas of the Martian landscape, as tectonic plate theory had once explained so many different problems in geology.
1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars (1993) 217 The canals had been sky areology; and many more bad hypotheses had been formulated in the same way, hypotheses that were only now being tested with the rigor of ground areology.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 56 “Why didn't it get turned into marble or something?” I asked, partly to demonstrate I was not totally ignorant of areology.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 18 You'll be all over the Triple for shooting areology students on a field trip. Great for your career.