Full record for inertial damper n.

Definition a hypothetical device used for partially neutralising the effects of inertia
OED requirements any evidence 1998
Earliest cite Greg Cox, 'Assignment: Eternity'
Comment Suggested by Jeffrey Glen Jackson.
Cite submitted have tended to be from Star Trek related works: Adam Buchbinder submitted a 2005 cite from Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore's "Home Fires"

Non-Trek sources:
Ralf Brown located non-Trek cites in etexts of the following works:
Anderson Gentry, "The Crider Chronicles" (2005)
John Ringo, "When the Devil_Dances" (2002) and "A Hymn Before Battle (2000)
E.S. Strout, "Blue Shift" (in Planet Magazine #33, March Quarter, 2002)
Cites from printed publication of these works (and any others not listed) are wanted.

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Citations for inertial damper n.

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1998 G. Cox Assignment: Eternity v. 73 Kirk felt a slight tug of centrifugal force as the Enterprise spun around on its axis, then leaped forward at warp speed, pushing the limits of its inertial dampers.
1998 W. Shatner et al. Spectre ii. 22 The ship's artificial gravity field and inertial dampers compensated for the buffeting.
1998 W. Shatner et al. Spectre xix. 226 With a gentle lag of the inertial dampers, he felt the St. Lawrence bank to port.
2005 D. Ward & K. Dilmore Home Fires in Breakdowns 24 What I wouldn't give for a Starfleet-issue inertial damper right about now.