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Definition a language commonly spoken throughout the galaxy
OED requirements antedating 1961
Earliest cite Lloyd Biggle Jr., "Monument"
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1961 cite from Lloyd Biggle Jr.'s "Monument"
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1942 A. E. van Vogt Asylum in Astounding Sci.-Fiction May 9/1 There are no Galactics out here. But there is an Observer. I've been catching the secret ultra signals for the last two hours?warning all ships to stay clear because the system isn't ready for any kind of contact with Galactic planets.
1952 M. Shaara All Way Back in Astounding Sci. Fiction July 55/2 What kind of a race was this? A race which flew in primitive star ships, yet it had already conquered one of the greatest problems in Galactic history, a problem which had baffled the Galactics for millions of years.
1954 ‘R. Dee’ Interlopers in Astounding Sci. Fiction Sept. 68/2 The galactics traveled in pursuit of trade, making jumps of a magnitude inconceivable to an Earthman's mind. They lived in comfort and peace, without want or war, each society presenting a new variation of Utopia which only emphasized the homogeneity of the whole.
1961 L. Biggle Monument in Analog Sci. Fact & Fiction June 153/2 A holiday atmosphere prevailed, the gaily dressed natives laughing and singing around the fires–singing in Galactic, an accomplishment that never ceased to intrigue Dillinger.
1961 L. Biggle Monument in Analog Sci. Fact & Fiction June 69/1 ‘And–you say they speak Galactic.’ ‘Speak it rather well, with a kind of provincial accent.’
1963 ‘S. McKettrig’ A World by the Tale in Analog Sci. Fact-Sci. Fiction Oct. 1 As far as the Galactics were concerned, Earth was a little backwater planet that was of no importance. Nothing manufactured on the planet was of any use to Galactics.
1963 P. Anderson Chapter Ends in Novelets of Sci. Fiction 48 You couldn't call them stagnant. Their life was too healthy, their civilization too rich in its own way–folk art, folk music, ceremony, religion, the intimacy of family life which the Galactics had lost–for that term. But to one who flew between the streaming suns, it was a small existence.
1964 U. K. Le Guin Semley's Necklace in T. Shippey Oxf. Bk. Sci. Fiction (1992) 336 ‘She say, Hail, Lord of Stars,’ growled one of her squat escorts in Pidgin-Galactic.
1967 R. Silverberg Those Who Watch 81 Certainly the galactics have landed on Earth many times, and have come among us in human form.
1976 A. Budrys To Civilize in Galactic Empires Vol. II 70 He could not let the Galactics depart and leave him without an answer. He pushed himself back from the rail and slid rapidly down the ramp to the room where the Earthpeople were. Here, too, there was silence; even the children were quiet. The Galactics sat in rows on benches, facing each other across the narrow aisles.
1990 J. Tiptree, Jr. Color of Neanderthal Eyes 33 So I will end by having these people transcribe their speech into Galactic!