Full record for grok v.

Definition to perceive or understand fully; to feel empathy with; to enjoy, appreciate
OED requirements 1961
Earliest cite coined by Heinlein in Stranger in a Strange Land
Comment Coined as a term in the "Martian" language by Robert A. Heinlein in Stranger in a Strange Land (1961).
Last modified 31 July, 2019

Citations for grok v.

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1968 S. E. Whitfield in S. E. Whitfield & G. Roddenberry Making of ‘Star Trek’ ii. v. 223 Yet the public reaction to Star Trek 's green-blooded Vulcan has been astounding. ‘I Grok Spock’ buttons are in evidence everywhere.
1995 D. Brin Brightness Reef (1996) 68 Noors can't speak Galactic Two or any other language anyone's ever grokked, but they can memorize and repeat any short mirror-flash they happen to pick up with their sharp eyes.
1998 G. Cox Assignment: Eternity xiii. 178 Okay?.Let's grok.
1998 D. Brin Heaven's Reach 410 Can you sniff/sense/feel/grok the very thing you covet?and secretly fear?
1999 Interzone Mar. 62/1 What merit Dozois perceives in this utter turkey was beyond me when he included it in one of his Best-of-the-Year anthologies and is even harder to grok on rereading.