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Definition a machine designed to function in place of a human, esp. one that resembles a human
OED requirements antedating 1922
Earliest cite New York Times
Comment Coined in Capek's play 'R.U.R.' (first translated into English in 1923), from a Czech word meaning 'forced labor'

OED entry revised in June 2010, with an earliest citation of 1922

Last modified 31 July, 2019

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1925 T. C. Bridges City of No Escape 58 ‘Marse Nick,’ he demanded, ‘is dey real men or does dey go by machinery?’‘Blessed if I know, Jake?. You'd best ask Mister Jeremy.’‘Sort of Robots I'd say, Nick. But it's a puzzle we shall have to solve later,’ said Jeremy.
1941 Cosmic Stories Mar. The tank was, of course, a kind of super-robot and was now out of action as far as driving itself went.
1941 Cosmic Stories May Toam's muscles ached and his hands were raw with blisters, but the robot in the stern paddled steadily ahead, the scorched smell of overheated oil in his bearings alone telling of the strain he had endured.
1954 C. Oliver Field Expedient in W. F. Nolan Edge of Forever (1971) 141 The ship carried two pilots, a navigator, a doctor, fifty babies, twenty-five special humanoid robots, computers, and supplies.