Full record for space explorer n.

Definition an explorer of space
OED requirements antedating 1936
Earliest cite Astounding Stories
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1949 cite from "The Unwilling Hero" by Rene LaFayette (a pseudonym of L. Ron Hubbard).
Fred Galvin submitted a 1953 cite from a comic strip by Ross Gallun, "Mars, God of War".
Fred Galvin submitted a cite for "space-explorer" from a 1953 reprint of Catherine L. Moore's "Shambleau"; we would like to verify this in its original publication (Weird Tales, November 1933)
Fred Galvin submitted a cite for the form "space-explorer" from a 1954 reprint of Edmond Hamilton's "The Inn Outside the World". We would like to verify this in its first publication (Weird Tales, July 1945).
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a ca. 1951 reprint of Donald Wandrei's "Finality Unlimited", which Mike Christie verified in the story's first publication (Astounding Stories, September, 1936)
Ralf Brown located a cite for "space-explorer" from 1900 in an electronic text of George Griffith's "Honeymoon in Space" (first paragraph, chapter 4): we would like to verify this from the original publication, either when published as a book or the magazine serialization

The citations database has a cite from a story by Frank Belknap Long in the February 1936 Astounding Stories, but the OED entry currently has an earliest cite of 1959

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Citations for space explorer n.

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1936 Astounding Stories Sept. 31/2 Previously unknown epidemics such as the Black Mould had followed wars, or broken out when the space explorers contracted them on other planets and carried them to Earth.
1936 F. B. Long in Astounding Stories Feb. 124/1 He had become a space explorer, an adventurer of the skyways.
1945 E. Hamilton Inn Outside World in My Best Sci. Fiction Story 92 Loring, the space-explorer, looked anxiously at the bald Greek next him.
1949 ‘R. Lafayette’ Unwilling Hero in Startling Stories July 99/1 According to the records which exist in the Galactic Archives (exhumed lately from a ruined library on Mars) Victor Hughes Hardin–the V. H. Hardin so dear to legend–had no more idea of being a space explorer before he became one, than he had of being immortal.
1953 C. L. Moore Shambleau in Shambleau & Others 39 The shouting died for a moment as they took in the scene before them–tall Earthman in the space-explorer's leathern garb, all one color from the burning of savage suns save for the sinister pallor of his no-colored eyes in a scarred and resolute face, gun in his steady hand and the scarlet girl crouched behind him, panting.
1953 R. Gallun Mars, God of War in Planet Comics Winter 2 Dick Warren, famed lecturer and space explorer, suddenly finds an item of interest.