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Definition one who wishes to have or collect complete sets of some particular items
OED requirements antedating 1944
Earliest cite 'J. Bristol' Fancyclopedia
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1954 cite from a book review by Anthony Boucher. Bill Mullins submitted a cite from the Winter 1953 Science Fiction Newsletter, published by Bob Tucker. Geri Sullivan submitted a 1944 cite from the Fancyclopedia.

(Earliest cite in the OED database was from 1955).

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Citations for completist n.

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1944 J. B. Speer Fancyclopaedia 13/1 Completist , a dope who tries to have a complete collection in some line. The line may be as broad as having all the prozines ever published, or as narrow as collecting all the Golden Atom tales or all official correspondence during ones incumbency in some office.
1953 Sci. Fiction Newsletter Winter 13 Ozzie needs little introduction, other than that he is the remaining half of Prime Press, and a genuine completist.
1954 ‘A. Boucher’ Recommended Reading in Mag. Fantasy & Sci. Fiction Dec. 91 Robert Shafer's THE CONQUERED PLACE (Putnam's, $3.50) is a long and pretentious ‘serious novel’ on the s.f. theme of the future occupation of the U.S. by an unnamed but obviously Russian military force, and I regret to say that it fails equally as fiction and as extrapolation; for completists only.
1992 Sci. Fiction Age Nov. 16/3 The imbalance in this ratio makes it hard for me to recommend this collection to anyone but Resnick completists, inveterate fans of ‘good-natured fluff’.
1993 SFRA Rev. May 74 This one for Bova completists and lovers of Analog -style short fiction.
1994 Interzone Jan. 60/1 Stretch-marked expansion of 1963 short story, readily available elsewhere?. For completists only.
1996 SFX May 89/5 Have you already bought Whirlwind and Goblins? Are you the sort of completist who'd happily buy them again just because they've been repackaged as a single volume?