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Definition of the same class of star as Sol
OED requirements any evidence 1943
Earliest cite A.E. van Vogt, 'M33 in Andromeda'
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from "The Boomerang Circuit" by Murray Leinster [pseudonym of Will F. Jenkins]
Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite from Poul Anderson's "Star Ship".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1961 cite from Fred Saberhagen's "Planeteer".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1958 cite from "Frontier Planet" by Robert Silverberg (as Calvin M. Knox).
Fred Galvin submitted a 1943 cite from "M33 in Andromeda" by A.E. van Vogt.
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1943 A. E. van Vogt M 33 in Andromeda in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Aug. 137/2 The fourth star was Sol-size, Sol-type. Of its three planets, one made a neat orbit at eighty million miles, a steaming world of jungle and primeval seas.
1947 ‘M. Leinster’ Boomerang Circuit in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 30/1 In spite of his pessimism, Kim settled down to the fine calculations required for a voyage to a blue-white dwarf star not readily distinguished from others. Most inhabited planets, of course, circled sol-type suns. Light much different from that in which the race had developed was apt to have produced vegetation inimical to humanity, and useful vegetation did not thrive. And of course sol-type stars are most readily spotted by space navigators.
1950 P. Anderson Star Ship in Planet Stories Oct. 74/1 –we'd been a few weeks out of Avandar–it was an obscure outpost then, though I imagine it's grown since–when we detected this Sol-type sun. Seeing that there was an Earth-like planet, we decided to investigate. And since we were all tired of being cooped in the ship, and telescopes showed that any natives which might exist would be too primitive to endanger us, we all went down in the lifeboat.
1958 ‘C. M. Knox’ Frontier Planet in Super-Sci. Fiction June 86/1 The hot Sol-type sun had burned away the morning clouds, leaving clear blue sky for the afternoon.