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Definition of or in deep space, also "deep space" and "deepspace"
OED requirements antedating 1948
Earliest cite Murray Leinster, "Planet of Sand"
Comment Fred Galvin submitted cites from the 1950 first book publication of E.E. Smith's "Galactic Patrol": we would like to verify these in the story's 1937 serialization in Astounding.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1948 cite from "Planet of Sand" by Murray Leinster (pseudonym of Will F. Jenkins)
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1949 reprint of Robert A. Heinlein's "The Green Hills of Earth": we would like to verify this in its first publication (Saturday Evening Post, February 8 1947)
Fred Galvin submitted a 1951 cite from James H. Schmitz's "Space Fear"

Earliest cite in the OED: 1952

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1937 Astounding Stories Sept. 21/2 The young commander, seated at his conning plate, clenched his fists and swore a startled deep-space oath as his eyes swept over the delicately accurate meters and gauges before him; for under the frightful impact of that instantaneously launched attack his outer screen was already down and his second was beginning to crack!
1948 ‘M. Leinster’ Planet of Sand in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Feb. 93/2 The Bowdoin-Hall field, which permits of faster-than-light travel, is like a pulsating bubble, expanding and contracting at rates ranging from hundreds of thousands of times per second to the forty-per-second of deep-space speed.
1948 K. Putnam Dud in Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr. 92/2 He won't take any back talk from even an ex-army guy. It's a shame we have to have two separate services in the first place. Crazy jurisdictional squabbles in the middle of a war whether a battle is deep-space or planet-based.
1949 R.A. Heinlein Green Hills of Earth in Invasion From Mars 38 He had worked the Luna run in her and had been along on the first deep-space trip, to Drywater, on Mars—and back, to everyone's surprise.
1951 J.H. Schmitz Space Fear in Astounding Sci. Fiction Mar. 21/2 It's an exceptional Illusionist, you know, who won't play around with deep-space effects in every conceivable variation.
1973 A. C. Clarke Rendezvous with Rama (1974) 215 This bomb was built for a specific deep-space mission, and it will be fitted with all sorts of safety devices to prevent detonation except on a positive command.
1980 C. Covault Universe Red in O. Davis Omni Bk. of Space 247 They lack the microminiature technology, onboard computation, and ground-based deep-space tracking needed.
1991 K. Laumer Judson's Eden 17 As always, the sight of the space-burned tugs and shuttles in their ranked cradles in the ready area gave him a lift of spirits no loess than the majestic bulk of the great deep-space hulls across the field, before the bright-lit service hangers.