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Definition matter composed of antiparticles
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1970 J. Blish Spock must Die! vii. 52 The fireball swelled intolerably as the matter and anti-matter in the doomed Klingon's warp-drive.
1971 J. Blish Star Trek 4 24 Starship, phaser banks, energy from anti-matter, the whole bit.
1971 J. Blish Star Trek 4 45 The whole lot touchier than a raw anti-matter pile over the Coridian question.
1973 A. C. Clarke Rendezvous with Rama (1974) 20 Nothing whatsoever had happened when the expanding cloud of vapour arrived on target–and a matter anti-matter reaction involving even a few milligrams would have produced an awesome firework display.
1974 J. Blish Star Trek 10 20 Or, more specifically, one of them matter–and the other one, antimatter!
1979 O. Davies in O. Davis Omni Bk. of Space 104 Even now, antimatter is being made.
1982 S. Cooper Black Fire i.48 The vehicle had warp potential, a matter/antimatter drive, and a life-support system as sophisticated as any he had ever seen.
1983 S. Marshak & M. Culbreath Triangle xiii. 73 We are playing with anti-matter.
1986 D. Carey Battlestations! iv.57 You can tell me I'm sucking antimatter.
1987 D. Brin Uplift War 291 At the edge of the forest Athaclena saw their special weapons team begin setting up their only antimatter projectors.
1989 J. M. Dillard Lost Years xiv. 275 It would probably take an antimatter reaction just to knock the Vulcan unconscious.
1989 J. M. Dillard Lost Years vi. 125 This stuff burned like raw antimatter going down.
1990 G. Bear Queen of Angels (1991) i.iv. 20 When the antimatter drive ceased some four years after launch, AXIS entered a cold, quiet mode, its functions reduced to the simplest routine of maintenance, sensing and launch of transponders.
1990 F. Pohl World at End of Time (1993) 13 If he got desperate enough he could even dial up the teaching machines and please his parents with a few hours' study of algebra or antimatter engine maintenance or the history of the Holy Roman Empire.
1993 D. Carey Great Starship Race ix. 140 The result is highly ionized particles, hard radiation, dust, debris, and an above normal content of residual antimatter.
1993 Sci. Fiction Age Jan. 40/1 In its holotank a slowly changing blue and red analog-array showed the ship's position in relation to the gravity wells of the matter and antimatter suns of spaceplus and spaceminus impinging into nullspace.
1994 Analog Science Fiction & Fact Jan. 154/1 The loss was going into positive He-4–antimatter–which was not detachable.
1995 SFRA Rev. May 43 Early 19th-century British explorers discover a meteorite of anti-ice–frozen anti-matter that reacts only when thawed.
1996 J. Gunn Joy Machine xiv. 209 It wouldn't be difficult to jury-rig a device–say an antimatter payload contained within a neutronium shell.
1996 W. Shatner Return v. 31 Picard recognized the glimmer of an antimatter reaction.
1996 W. Shatner Return viii. 58 The hull of the Starship Enterprise had been built to withstand asteroidal impact, Iopene antimatter streams.
1997 W. Shatner Avenger ii. 15 They are antimatter mines.
1998 C. Pellegrino Afterword in C. Pellegrino & G. Zebrowski Star Trek: Next Generation: Dyson Sphere (1999) 209 The Dooglasse ship‥is in fact an antimatter propelled Valkyrie (most relativistic rockets, just like most supersonic transport jets, are bound to look alike).
1998 W. Shatner et al. Spectre vii. 70 The lunar pioneers had found the ice and mined it‥to manufacture the antimatter used to fuel the new warp ships.
1998 L. A. Graf & M. J. Friedman War Dragons xvii. 268 Randomly selected casualties‥willingly sacrificed their lives in antimatter chambers.