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Definition also Hugo award. Any one of several awards presented annually since 1955 by the World Science Fiction Convention for the best new science-fiction novel, short story, etc.
OED requirements antedating 1950
Earliest cite B. Tucker in 'Science Fiction Eye', July
Comment The award is named after Hugo Gernsback.

Bill Mullins submitted a 1953 cite from Fantasy Times #190 (November 1953) Bill Mullins submitted a 1950 cite from "The Big Bloodshot Eye" by Bob Tucker,in Science Fiction Eye, July 1950.

Earliest cite in the OED database: 1956

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1950 B. Tucker Big Bloodshot Eye in Sci. Fiction Newsletter July 4/2 The first annual ‘Hugo’ award will be made for literary merit in the s-f field.
1953 Fantasy Times Nov. 2 3 Hollywood, Calif., 9 Nov., (CNS) - The presentation of a ‘Hugo’ to H. J. Campbell, editor of the British mag, ‘AUTHENTIC S-F’, and popular s-f author, by Forrest J Ackerman, perhaps the best-known of all s-f personalities, was reported in detail, complete with picture, in today's issue of the newspaper, ‘BEVERLY HILLS NEWS LIFE’.
1989 Nova Express Spring 12/2 Brin dropped by for a few short minutes of derision for having the audacity for being a Hugo winner.
1990 Thrust Winter 4/3 I always enjoy looking over the full Hugo voting data.
1992 Sci. Fiction Age Nov. 6/2 Haven't we have named the awards given to superior s.f. each year‥the ‘Hugos’ after Hugo Gernsback, founder of the first science fiction magazine?
2001 Locus June 12/4 Kristine Kathryn Rusch sold‥a novel version of her Hugo-nominated story.
2001 Sci. Fiction Chron. July 36/2 If it wasn't for the Hugos I'd be doing something else for a living today.