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Definition a professional magazine
OED requirements antedating 1939
Earliest cite W. Tucker 'Le Zombie'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1952 cite from a letter to Planet Stories by Algis Budrys. Alistair Durie submitted a 1946 cite from Joe Kennedy's "The 1945-46 Fantasy Review". Alistair Durie submitted a 1939 cite from Bob Tucker's "Le Zombie". Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from a letter by Joe Fortier in Astounding. Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite from an advert in Fantasy Advertiser. Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 1996 reprint of James White's "The Exorcists of IF" (Original publication in Hyphen, no. 37, Autumn 1987)
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Citations for promag n.

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1939 Le Zombie No. 2. 1 Another new one due any time is to be put out by a fan new to fandom, but old to pro mags.
1941 Astounding Sci. Fiction Apr. 156/1, I guess that intangible something is closeness to perfection which makes my favorite science-fiction promag so easy to take with nary a word.
1942 Planet Stories Spring 121/1 In exchange I am willing to send you any British stuff, reprints of two American prozines, Britain's one and only sfn. pro mag., fanzines or whatever you want that I can lay my hands on.
1946 1945—46 Fantasy Rev. 23 (heading) The Pro-mags in Review.
1950 Fantasy Advertiser Jan. 13 Issues of almost every pro-mag. No ASF's or UNK's. Some books. Write for free list today.
1952 A. Budrys in Planet Stories Nov. 111/1 The advertising value of fanzines to promags is negligible, for the simple reason that anyone in sufficient contact with STF to read fanmags knows all about the prozines.
1996 J. White The Exorcists of IF in White Papers 349 Ranged around the bare plaster walls were the spectral shapes of bookshelves bulging with promags and fanzines.