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Definition the realm of science fiction
OED requirements antedating 1947
Earliest cite in 'Startling Stories'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1952 cite from a letter to Planet Stories by Paul Nowell. Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from a fan magazine review in Startling Stories by the editor. Fred Galvin submitted 1959 cites from Dick Eney's "Fancyclopedia II".

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Citations for stfdom n.

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1947 Rev. of Sci. Fiction Fan Publications in Startling Stories July 110/2 A monumental job by the VAMPIRE man, a 76-page ship of the line, featuring intelligent reviews of all phases of fandom and professional stfdom which features perhaps the best of the annual polls on just about everything.
1952 P. Nowell in Planet Stories Nov. 112/2 He also said that stfdom should write in about it.
1959 R. Eney Fancyclopedia II 129 In practice most of the fan-pro prejudice Tucker remarks is turned against those their own sections of stfdom admit to be obnoxious–7th Fandom and the other Beanie Brigadiers, and the less scrupulous or more conceited professionals.