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Comment Fred Galvin found a cite in a 1959 reprint of E. B. White's "The Morning of the Day They Did It": we would like to verify this in its original publication in The New Yorker, February 1950. Ralf Brown found a cite in an electronic text of James E. Gunn's "The Cave of Night.": we would like to verify this in its original publication in Galaxy Science Fiction, January 1955

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1959 E. B. White Morning of Day They Did It in ‘A. Boucher’ Treasury Great Sci. Fiction 325 We had arranged a radio hookup with the space platform, a gadget the Army had succeeded in establishing six hundred miles up, in the regions of the sky beyond the pull of gravity. The Army, after many years of experimenting with rockets, had not only got the platform established but had sent two fellows there in a Spaceship, and also a liberal supply of the New Weapon. The whole civilized world had read about this achievement, which swung the balance of power so heavily in our favor, and everyone was aware that the damned platform was wandering around in its own orbit at a dizzy distance from the earth and not subject to gravitational pull. Every kid in America had become an astrophysicist overnight and talked knowingly of exhaust velocities, synergy curves, and Keplerian ellipses. Every subway rider knew that the two men on the platform were breathing oxygen thrown off from big squash vines that they had taken along. The Reader's Digest had added to the fun by translating and condensing several German treatises on rockets and space travel, including the great Wege zur Raumschiffahrt. Butto date, because of security regulations and technical difficulties, there had been no radio-television hookup.