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OED requirements antedating 1934
Earliest cite E.E. 'Doc' Smith, "Triplanetary"
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a cite for "space-wreck" from the Gutenberg etext edition of E.E. Smith's "Triplanetary", and the cite was confirmed from the original publication in Amazing Stories, Mar. 1934.
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1943 H. Kuttner Soldiers of Space in Astonishing Stories Feb. 93/2 Wait till you're diving at a spacewreck, head-on, and you've got half a second to pull out.
1947 H. Kuttner Trouble on Titan in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 40/2 Really, Tony, it's rather horrible. I hadn't realized–I never saw a space wreck before.
1948 Amazing Stories June 5 Something queer lay in the mysterious valley on Titan–and it menaced the victims of spacewreck.
1949 C. Youd Christmas Tree in Astounding Sci. Fiction Feb. 158/2 The exciting parts are news–spacewrecks and crashes and mad orbits–but the routine's dull.
1953 G. O. Smith Troubled Star in Startling Stories Feb. 13/1 But how about the several cases of spacewreck? Look what we're doing. We're setting up beacons along a rift through the galaxy from Marandis to the Spiral Cluster. We found this rift after years of hard work and galactic surveying and exploring, and both of you know just how fabulous it is. Well, suppose someone found it twenty thousand years ago and got marooned?
1954 G. O. Smith Spacemen Lost in Startling Stories Fall 60/1 Vacantly the three survivors of spacewreck, in the lost lifeship, stared at the grille of the infrawave receiver in the deadly silence that followed Admiral Stone's last transmission.