Full record for earthian n.

Definition the language spoken on Earth
OED requirements any evidence 1943
Earliest cite Clifford Simak, "Hunch"
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1943 cite from Clifford D. Simak's "Hunch": we would be interested in more cites of any date.
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Citations for earthian n.

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1939 ‘J. Cotton’ Outlaw of Saturn in Sci. Fiction Mar. 95/1 In their eyes this tough Earthian was a dynamo, a destroyer of their calm, somnolent peace.
1939 ‘J. Cotton’ Outlaw of Saturn in Sci. Fiction Mar. 95/1 The creature he faced stood only two feet high–an almost perfect miniature of an Earthian, save that his eyes were wide and innocent, his hair pink, and his skin deep amber.
1943 C. D. Simak Hunch in Astounding Sci.-Fiction July 19/1 It was a roundabout way, a long way, an awkward way to read the language of Mars, Monk reflected. Martian to Jovian to Earthian. But it was better than no way at all.
1947 J. Shelton You Are Forbidden! in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 94/1 Grand Terminus, Earth–calling New Paris, Mars. Reservation Twenty-six B. Doctor Jules Craig, Earthian, awaiting transport, Booth Two-Seventeen to New Paris.
1948 R. Bradbury Million-Year Picnic 165 I was looking for Earthian logic, common sense, good government, peace and responsibility.
1951 G. Conklin in Possible Worlds Sci. Fiction 347 The Interstellar Empire of Earthians, in full-dress uniform and with all its faults exposed like open sores.
1951 G. Conklin Galaxy′s Five Star Shelf in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Feb. 101/1 The tale tells how, from a space station on Pluto, a few Earthians, aided by an incredible girl who has been in suspended animation for a thousand years, are able to help avert the collision of our universe with another, a crash which would have been ‘slightly fatal’ to both.
1955 R. Matheson Miss Stardust in Startling Stories Spring 98/1 My wards are losing patience with your goggling Earthians. I demand you have the contest started immediately and see to it that this offensive staring ceases.
1966 R. A. Lafferty Primary Education Among the Camiroi in Galaxy Sci. Fiction Dec. 186/2 Seeing that you were Earthians, he spoke in Hindi, which is the tongue used by more Earthians than any other.
1991 Locus Nov. 25/2 Between the priests of Waroth, and the Ganymeans, Jevlenese humans and Earthians of our universe, one is tempted to retitle Entoverse as ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Benighted’.