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Definition = antigravity
OED requirements any evidence 1952
Earliest cite Isaac Asimov, The Currents of Space
Comment Fred Galvin submitted a 1952 cite for "counter-gravity" from Asimov's "The Currents of Space"
Ralf Brown supplied a pointer for "counter-gravity" from an etext of David Weber's "On Basilisk Station", and Malcolm Farmer located the cite in a 1999 reprint.
Ralf Brown supplied a pointer for "countergravity" from an etext of James H, Schmitz's "Goblin Night", and Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1965 first publication..
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Citations for countergravity adj.

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1965 J.H. Schmitz Goblin Night in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Apr. 22/2 The car was dropping, its forward momentum goneā€„If it hadn't been for the countergravity materials worked into its structure, the Cloudsplitter would have plunged to the ground like a rock.
1999 D. Weber On Basilisk Station 111 The Admiralty Building was over a Manticoran century-and-a-half old and little more than a hundred stories tall, a modest little structure for a counter-gravity civilization, but that fireplace's chimney bored up through thirty-odd stories of air shafts and ventilation ducting.