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Earliest cite Greg Bear, "Eon"
Comment Ralf Brown suggested cites from an etext of Greg Bear's "Eon" and Malcolm Farmer supplied the cites from a printed copy.
Ralf Brown also located a probable cite in an etext of Peter F. Hamilton's "Pandora's Star" (in chapter 8): we would like to see a cite from a printed copy of this (or any other work).
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Citations for inertial damping n.

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1987 G. Bear Eon 159 Yet the Stone did not travel faster than light, and it did not possess artificial gravity–not in the first six chambers, at any rate. Those achievements could also have been expected in light of the theory of inertial damping.
1987 G. Bear Eon 390 It would take over a day to approach that velocity, accelerating at about three hundred g's–which is very close to the theoretical limit for the inertial damping systems, and for something as large as the Axis City, traveling on the flaw.