Full record for thought-controlled n.

Definition of devices: controlled by a person's thoughts or neural impulses
OED requirements antedating 1977
Earliest cite C. Thomas, Firefox
Comment Added to the OED in September 2009 with the earliest cite from a 1977 techno-thriller.

Searches on Google Books reveal several likely pointers to antedating cites, though the snippets displayed are not usable themselves as citations as insufficient detail is shown.
It appears that there are possible cites from the 1960s in biomedical engineering journals discussing control mechanisms for prosthetic limbs, transistors having made control circuitry far smaller and more complex than previously possible.
Earlier than that, there appear to be several cites from the 1950s from science fiction magazines, including one that appears to be from a non-fiction article (or editorial?) in volume 55 of Astounding (1955-56): we would like to see any antedating cites from this or other publications with full bibliographic information.

Last modified 17 September, 2009