Full record for earthrise n.

Definition The rising of earth above the horizon, as seen from another planet.
OED requirements antedating 1891
Earliest cite Philip Burne-Jones, "Earth-rise from the Moon" (painting title)
Comment New entry in the OED in December 2010, with an earliest date of 1969

Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1907 cite from an essay that pointed out that a painting titled Earth-Rise: from the Moon suffered a glaring astronomical error (the Earth is motionless as seen from the Moon, and so neither rises or sets).
Malcolm Farmer submitted magazine cites from 1891, in which art exhibition reviewers discussed this painting (which was by Philip Burne-Jones)

In addition to any earlier cites, we would be interested in seeing interdating cites between 1907 and 1969 (for example: The ISFDB lists a serial by James Blish, "The Hour Before Earthrise" (Worlds of If, Jul-Sep 1966). We would like to see cites from this, if appropriate: the ISFDB has scans of the cover showing this title, but we have no context for the usage)

Last modified 30 December, 2010