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Definition a subgenre of fiction, originally published in fanzines and now esp. online, in which characters who appear together in popular films or other media are portrayed as having a sexual (esp. homosexual) relationship
OED requirements antedating 1984
Earliest cite in 'Not Tonight, Spock!'
Comment Meg Garrett submitted a 1984 cite from the letterzine "Not Tonight, Spock!"

Added to the OED as a new sense of the word in September 2003 with an earliest cite of 1984.

Last modified 6 July, 2008

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1984 Not Tonight, Spock! Jan. 1 Recommended Book List‥to include gay books, other slash zines, or media zines with good K/S stories.
1993 SFRA Rev. May 64 There is another chapter on slash, or fanzine stories written with the assumption of a homoerotic relationship between male media characters (Kirk/Spocl is the most famous kind of slash).
1997 Entertainm. Weekly 26 Sept. 84 One subgenre, ‘crossover’, posits a universe in which characters from different shows (and networks) coexist in a single hyperactive universe; one story weaver has Law & Order detectives Logan and Briscoe working a murder case with the X-Files duo. Another variety, ‘slash’, creates sexual histories more appropriate to the Kinsey than the Nielsen report.