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Definition abreviation for science-fictional
OED requirements antedating 1981
Earliest cite Robert Sabella in Science Fiction Review
Comment Jeff Prucher submitted 1998 citations from Gary K. Wolfe and Faren Miller in Locus. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1998 cite from Jack Dann in Nebula Award Stories 32. Jeff Prucher submitted a 2002 cite from Rich Horton in 3SF. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1999 cite from Robert Killheffer's review column in F&SF. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1994 cite from an editorial by Kristine Rusch in F&SF. Jeff Prucher submitted a 1981 cite from Robert Savella in SF Review.
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Citations for sfnal adj.

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1981 R. Sabella Short Fiction Reviews in Sci. Fiction Rev. Summer 58/1 On a more SFnal level, it concerns a fascinating theory about resurrecting ghosts of the past through modern science.
1993 Locus June 28/1 Others?seem shoehorned in on the argument that some aspects of some of their works seem vaguely sf-nal.
1994 K. K. Rusch Editorial in Mag. of Fantasy and Sci. Fiction Oct.—Nov. 8/2 This morning as I ate breakfast, I read the ‘Shouts and Murmurs’ section of the May 30th New Yorker in which Charlie Varon postulates how our reading habits will change when most of us read the Times on-line. His fake articles are sfnal and his point is as biting as any science fiction story's can be.
1998 J. Dann Nebula Awards Stories 32 32 ‘Must and Shall’?might be thought of as historical fiction with an SFnal twist: change one thing, extrapolate as rigorously as possible, and see what happens. I'm just as well pleased this particular change remains fictional.
1999 R. K. J. Killheffer Books in Mag. of Fantasy and Sci. Fiction Oct.—Nov. 38/2 Much of Kurzweil's material–nanotechnology, uploaded minds, virtual reality–will be familiar to sf readers. But there are some ideas that haven't been much treated in fiction yet (quantum computing, evolutionary algorithms, etc.), and Kurzweil's discussion of these concepts offers just the kind of sfnal kick I had expected.
2001 Locus June 15/2 The freewheeling SFnal inventiveness of this story is indeed worthy of Bester and Smith.
2001 Locus June 17/2 Max and his friends ponder all the logically possible (or familiar SFnal) explanations for their discovery.
2001 Sci. Fiction Chron. July 52/2 The pair created many shows for TV, the most popular being?The Flintstones , and the most SFnal, The Jetsons.
2002 R. Horton Re:InState Dec. in 3SF 67 He wrote some fine mysteries, and some SFnal men's adventure, and in the mid-90s began to publish the occasional SF story.