Full record for deep space n.

Definition that part of space far away from planets or stars
OED requirements antedating 1937
Earliest cite E.E. 'Doc' Smith, 'Galactic Patrol'
Comment Mike Christie submitted a 1941 cite from Robert Heinlein's "Common Sense". Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a reprint of E.E. Smith's "Grey Lensman"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1939 first magazine appearance. Fred Galvin submitted a cite from the 1950 first book publication of E.E. Smith's "Galactic Patrol"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1937 serialization in Astounding.

Earliest cite in OED2: 1952.

Last modified 6 July, 2008

Citations for deep space n.

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1937 Astounding Stories Dec. 73/1 Part of the time he spent in the speedster dashing hither and yon. Most of it, however, he spent in the vastly more comfortable mauler; to the armored side of which his tiny vessel clung with magnetic clamps while he slept and ate, gossiped and read, exercised and played with the mauler's officers and crew, in deep-space comradery.
1937 Astounding Stories Dec. 76/1 Alone in his ship, and in deep space although he was, he blushed painfully as he remembered what had happened to him during that visit.
1939 E. E. Smith in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Oct. 26/2 I never could see how you deep-space men can really understand what you're doing—either the frightful speeds at which you travel, the distance you cover, or the way your communicators work.
1939 E. E. Smith in Astounding Sci.-Fiction Oct. 26/2 Like most of the girls here, I suppose, I have never been out in deep space at all. Besides a few hops to the moon, I have taken only two flits, and they were both only interplanetary.
1941 R. A. Heinlein in Astounding Sci. Fiction Oct. 150/2 It was luck that had placed the Ship near a star with a planetary system, luck that the Ship arrived there with a speed low enough for Hugh to counteract it in a ship's auxiliary craft, luck that he learned to handle it after a fashion before they starved or lost themselves in deep space.
1968 S. E. Whitfield in S. E. Whitfield & G. Roddenberry Making of ‘Star Trek’ i. vi. 79 We're not going to Mars, or any of that sort of limited thing. It will be like a deep-space exploration vessel, operating throughout our galaxy.
1976 C. Holland Floating Worlds (1977) 89 I've never been in a deepspace ship before.
1980 D. Brin Sundiver i.ii. 17 The house deepspace receiver.
1980 D. Brin Sundiver 17 Here was old Uncle Jeremey gabbing on and on about all that old nonsense, and Alice—lucky Alice whose turn it was to risk the oldsters' ire and listen in on the tap they'd placed on the house deepspace receiver—what was it she had heard!
1987 D. Brin Uplift War 592 Let them engage in uplift of their new clients from deepspace!
1988 C. J. Cherryh Cyteen 31 Are they finally going to get that deep-space construction?
1988 C. J. Cherryh Cyteen 120 Reseune‥plans deepspace arks.
1989 D. Dvorkin & D. Dvorkin Star Trek: Next Generation: Captains' Honor viii. 155 The appearance of the Centurion on the scene, coming in unexpectedly from deep space‥had precipitated the battle.
1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 131 The thought of leaving twenty brave people stranded in deep space‥brought the nation up short.
1991 O. S. Card Xenocide viii. 115 But the single shuttle used by the humans of Lusitania would hardly do for transporting material outward for any kind of major deepspace construction program.
1991 M. Weiss King's Test i. i. 5 The guard‥looked as if he wished the ship's hull would crack open, suck him into deepspace.
1993 SFRA Rev. Jan. 106 There's hard science aplenty‥physics of deep sea submersibles‥deep space observing telescopes.