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Definition the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of 0.1 to 100 nanometres, or, generally, with the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules
OED requirements antedating 1974
Earliest cite N. Taniguchi 'Proc. Internat. Conf. Production Engin.'
Comment New entry in the OED June 2003, with earliest cite from 1974.
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1991 Locus Nov. 63/2 The unifying idea should be the nanotechnology pointed to by the title.
1992 Locus June 27/1 In these days of nanotechnology,?it is difficult to recall when Mankind's energies were turned toward the building of empires.
1992 A. Steele Labyrinth of Night 283 It was made to perform like a human being. And before you ask, it was made by nanotechnology. Alien nanotechnology, far beyond the rudimentary nanites we've developed thus far.
1993 Sci. Fiction Age Jan. 24/2 A ‘nanometer’ is one billionth of a meter–40 billionths of an inch; atoms range in size form one-tenth to one-half nanometer. In a broad sense, ‘Nanotechnology’ means anything that works to produce nanometer-scale features not much bigger than atoms.
1993 J. Brosnan Opoponax Invasion (1994) 40 ‘Biological nanotechnology,’ she said. ‘We all carry our personal bionantech by Corporation law.’
1993 SFRA Rev. Jan. 123 Topics? Cyberpunk or Bunk??Nanotechnology. Futurism?Cyberspace evolution.
1993 B. Shaw Dimensions (1994) 194 They were almost impossible to reproduce, even with nano-technology, and examples of the incredibly delicate material changed hands for millions of monits.
1993 I. M. Banks Against Dark Background 285 The nanotechnology and tissue-cloning techniques that repaired the ravages of the radiation pulse were only withdrawn after the course of treatment had finished.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 109 By mid-twenty-one, nanotechnology factories were inexpensive; nano recyclers could provide raw materials from garbage; data and design reigned supreme.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 177 Martian nanotechnology is acknowledged to be a decade behind Earth's, and your industrial facilities are likewise less efficient.
1993 A. C. Clarke Hammer of God 101 It would have looked incredibly flimsy to any engineer born before the twentieth century, but the nanotechnology that had built it up, literally carbon atom by carbon atom, had given it a strength fifty time greater than the finest steel.
1994 Interzone July 44/3 Maybe a century from now, nanotechnology will be able to tackle that task, cell by cell ?
1994 Analog Science Fiction & Fact Jan. 313/1 Analog does not have a reference to nanotechnology.
1994 B. Hambly Crossroad iv. 40 Whoever's selling nonferrous nanotechnology that fine, and that efficient.
1994 I. McDonald Necroville (1995) 31 These are the things that matter. Not the moon being converted into a three thousand kilometre sphere of nanotechnology.
1994 Sci. Fiction Age July 58/1 The ecstasy of knowing that he had escaped Earth and the maddening decadence that the nanotechnology cornucopia had brought.
1995 SFRA Rev. May 49 This complex novel is set in a Hispanic-dominated future Los Angeles which has been radically transformed by nanotechnology.
1995 Interzone Apr. 4/1 How will our families, our freedoms, and our earning power be impacted when radical breakthroughs in information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology move out of the laboratory, into the marketplace?
1996 W. Shatner Return xxvii. 213 But they are clearly nanotechnology intended for medical treatment.