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Definition =nanotechnology
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1990 G. Bear Queen of Angels (1991) i.ii. 11 News of some late progressive insult to the arts nano or another outraging medium compelled them all to laugh, full of hate and envy.
1990 G. Bear Heads 26 High-quality surgical nano wasn't enough to do the trick.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 109 By mid-twenty-one, nanotechnology factories were inexpensive; nano recyclers could provide raw materials from garbage; data and design reigned supreme.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 297 Nano fibers will make neural connections within an hour of the implanting, and you should be able to experience heightened abilities–certainly heightened knowledge–within twenty-four hours.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 109 Wars declined, the labor market fluctuated wildly as developing countries joined in–exacerbated by nano and other forms of automation ?
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 351 In just twenty-four hours, architectural nano delivered and activated by a squadron of shuttles made a solid, moderately comfortable preliminary structure, a hideaway near the edge of the plateau.
1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 428 Medical nano filled my bloodstream, rooting out problems, controlling my tendency to slip into shock.
1995 Interzone May 33/2 But even at speeds far slower than that of light, surely nanos in tiny vessels could reach the furthest part of our own galaxy within, say, 20 million years at most.