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Definition =nanotechnological
OED requirements antedating 1987
Earliest cite in Washington Post
Comment Added to OED June 2003, with earliest cite from 1987.
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1994 Interzone July 23/1 The scars are gone, nanotech repairers of my own make certain of that.
1994 I. McDonald Necroville (1995) 128 The biotechnician's natural predilection for the small and perfectly organized led them to invest in the emerging nanotech corporadas.
1995 Interzone Jan. 56/3 After a utopian period in which cities were enlivened and reshaped by myriads of coordinated microscopic machines, nanotech plagues and information wars have decimated the world's population.
1999 W. Gibson All Tomorrow's Parties liv. 224 Even in Tokyo, seventeen-point-eight of your markedly technofetishistic populace refuses to this day to set foot in a nanotech structure.