Full record for astrogation n.

Definition the act of navigation in space
OED requirements antedating 1931
Earliest cite D. Lasser, Conquest of Space
Last modified 30 July, 2019

Citations for astrogation n.

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1950 R. Heinlein Farmer in Sky (1975) iv. 47 Please, sir, we're in astrogation.
1953 R. A. Heinlein Starman Jones (1975) i. 19 He added Uncle Chet's circular astrogation slide rule.
1990 D. Duane Doctor's Orders ix. 234 Our here, the only recourse is good astrogation.
1990 B. Shaw Orbitsville Departure 195 The only way of getting hard information was from the astrogation screens, and as soon as the thought came to mind Nicklin felt a compulsion to go to the control deck without delay.
1994 B. Hambly Crossroad xi. 161 We're an independent research and communications corporation contracted to assist with astrogation.