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Definition a base from which spacecraft are launched; (in fiction) a base at which spaceships take off and land
OED requirements antedating 1930
Earliest cite M. Breuer & J. Williamson 'The Birth of a New Republic'
Comment Cory Panshin submitted a cite from a 1975 reprint of C. L. Moore's 1933 "Shambleau". Rick Hauptmann submitted a 1930 cite from Miles Breuer's and Jack Williamson's "The Birth of a New Republic".

Earliest cite in the OED: 1935.

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1930 Amazing Stories Q. Winter 29/1 The space-ports at the three great cities, were, of course, occupied or blockaded by the Tellurian fleets; and Doane was obliged to make his bases of operations the lonely craters that once had been pirate strongholds.
1937 J. D. Clark Minus Planet Apr. in I. Asimov et al. Isaac Asimov Presents Best Science Fiction Firsts (1984) 11 Just half an hour later the rocket blasted free from the snow-covered space port near the observatory.
1951 I. Asimov Foundation Trilogy–Foundation ii. ii. 43 Anselm haut Rodric?was met by Salvor Hardin at the spaceport with all the imposing ritual of a state occasion.
1951 S. A. Peeples et al. Dictionary of Sci. Fiction in Travelers of Space 26 SPACE PORT–Used in SF for several designations: as a window or observation port in a space ship, as a synonym for ‘space lock,’ as a city or building used as a port for space craft, and as the actual dock, berth or landing platform for a space ship. (See: SPACE LOCK; SPACE TERMINAL)
1951 I. Asimov Foundation Trilogy–Foundation i.iv. 15 He followed you from the space-port.
1958 R. Silverberg Invaders from Earth (1987) ix. 84 Blast-off was held at Spacefield Seven, a wide jet-blasted area in the flatlands of New Jersey that served as the sole spaceport for the eastern half of the United States.
1962 M. Z. Bradley Sword of Aldones i. 10 The glare and whiteness of the spaceport struck my eyes.
1962 M. Z. Bradley Sword of Aldones in Planet Savers/Sword of Aldones (1982) i. 120 The glare and whiteness of the spaceport struck my eyes.
1966 ‘M. Leinster’ in Analog Sci. Fiction/Sci. Fact Nov. 28/1 ‘There's a yellow sun that looks close.’‘It's Delhi?. It has an Earth-type planet and there may have been a colony on it once. But there's nothing there now! There's something wrong with it and no ship is known to have got back to its home spaceport after landing on it.’
1969 M. Z. Bradley Brass Dragon (1980) iii. 54 Or I was tied down in a bunk somewhere and outside the spaceport a planet kept getting bigger and bigger and coming at us faster and faster.
1970 A. McCaffrey Ship who Sang (1991) i. 18 I'm here to take you to the spaceport at Rosary.
1975 C. L. Moore Shambleau in L. Del Rey Best of C. L. Moore 14 He must have spent two hours at the least idling by the space-port, watching with sleepy, colorless eyes the ships that came and went, the passengers, the vessels lying at wait.
1977 J. Varley Ophiuchi Hotline (1994) 170 The singular personage named Javelin lived in her ship, the Cavorite , which was currently stationed at the Pluto spaceport–the real one, as opposed to the vast plain over Florida which was the landing facility for shuttles.
1983 M. Z. Bradley Thendara House (1991) i. 9 She had been born on Darkover, in Caer Donn, where the Terrans had built their first spaceport before shifting to the new Empire Headquarters here in Thendara.
1983 R. Sheckley Dramocles (1984) 6 Your brother, Count John of Crimsole, is docking in the spaceport even now.
1985 M. Larson Pawns & Symbols vi. 79 They drove directly to the spaceport and beamed aboard Kang's cruiser.
1987 D. Brin Uplift War 588 Robert blamed the symptoms on the fringing fields of a lifting starship, whose keening engines could be heard all the way from the spaceport.
1992 Waldenbooks Hailing Frequencies 14/2 With the only spaceport on Verthandi in enemy hands, Carlyle knows he'll have to learn the fine art of persuasion.
1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars iii. 162 At Ls=208° Arkady came down to Mars for the first time. Nadia went out to the new spaceport and stood on the edge of the broad expanse of dusty cement to watch the arrival, hopping from foot to foot.
1993 Locus June 59/1 No regulatory bodies beyond the Migration Controllers at the spaceport.
1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars iii. 89 They had stumbled upon a long-abandoned alien spaceport.
1993 Sci. Fiction Age Jan. 40/2 If you will land at Dawnflight spaceport, I shall arrange to have a cargonmaster ready to inspect your cargo when you arrive.
1993 Locus Oct. iv. 13/2 A sentimental tale about a girl who grows up next door to a spaceport.
1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars iii. 97 All of them were crusted the same red-orange as the ground: it was an odd, thrilling site, as if they had stumbled upon a long-abandoned alien spaceport.
1997 A. C. Clarke 3001: Final Odyssey iv. 29 All the spaceports are where they should be–up there, on the outer ring.
2005 R. J. Sawyer Mindscan viii. 59 When I was a kid, I never thought Toronto would have a spaceport. But now almost every city did, at least potentially.
2006 Analog June 106/1 Even friend of a friend overstated the relationship, but their paths had crossed in a half-dozen spaceports.
2006 Analog June 36/2 In a few short hours, he and Porter would be landing at Dulles spaceport to face more cheering crowds.