Full record for time traveller n.

Definition one who travels through time
OED requirements antedating 1894
Earliest cite H.G. Wells' 'The Time Machine' (first magazine appearance)
Comment Lloyd Kilford examined "The Chronic Argonauts", by H.G. Wells (an early (1888) version of "The Time Machine"), and determined that it does not contain the term "time traveller".
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Citations for time traveller n.

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1974 P. K. Dick Little Something for Us Tempunauts in We can remember It for you Wholesale (1994) 336 What in your mind is the greatest terror facing a time traveler? That there will be an implosion due to coincidence on reentry?
1974 J. Brunner Times Without Number (1981) 10 It wasn't only the embarrassing experience of being shown off around the hall by her–as it were, a real live time-traveller, exclamation point, in the same tone of voice as one would say, “A real live tiger”.
2001 Dreamwatch Oct. 85/1 As any self-respecting time traveller will confirm, going backwards in time to change history is a dodgy business, fraught with the possibility of temporal anomalies, rips in the space/time continuum, etc.