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Definition person who works in a robotic manner; mindless and lacking originality; clone
OED requirements antedating 1987
Earliest cite W. Schneider in Atlantic Monthly
Comment Enoch Forrester submitted a 1987 cite from an article by William Schneider in the Atlantic Monthly. (Earliest cite in the OED: 1993)
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1987 W. Schneider in Atlantic Monthly July 67/1 Reagan's loss of popularity as a result of Iranscam removes the strongest justification for Laxalt's candidacy. If the public is dissatisfied with Reagan's performance, why should it vote for a Reagan replicant?
1991 Locus May 66/3 He got into this crazy stuff about?replicants.
2000 Interzone Nov. 42/1 Like replicants for androids, the deathkiss word ‘superhero’ is avoided altogether for the techy euphemism ‘mutant,’ even though the one thing that all the homines superiores seem to have in common is really dumb comiesy superpowers that could only have been invented by a Marvel bullpensman on a bad caffeine high: controlling weather, doing ice sculptures, projecting something called ‘optic blasts’ (which have given generations of writers migraines of their own trying to rationalize).