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Definition the science of atoms and atomic energy
OED requirements antedating 1919
Comment Roger Wilcox submitted a cite from a 1987 reprint of Frank Herbert's "Dune". Mike Christie located the cite in the original 1965 magazine appearance. Charlie Petit submitted a cite from a reprint of Lester del Rey's "Nerves"; Mike Christie verified this in the 1942 original magazine appearance. The OED has a 1919 example in a scientific journal.
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1942 L. del Rey in Astounding Sci. Fiction Sept. 58/1 R's one of the big maybe problems of atomics. Purely theoretical, and none's been made yet–it's either impossible or can't be done in small control batches, safe for testing. That's the trouble, as I said; nobody knows anything about it, except that–if it can exist–it'll break down in a fairly short time into Mahler's Isotope. You've heard of that?